They are also a coffee supplier and coffee wholesale that provides premium one-of-a-kind gourmet coffees for the place of business but also offers state-of-the-art vending Coffee Machines that are so precise, they can grind a single cup of delicious coffee in 30 seconds flat, to give your customers, patrons and employees truly fresh brewed coffee.

Father Coffee is proud to introduce Saeco Barista Supremo Machine a unique, patented, fresh ground process that offers the most advanced and sophisticated specialty vending coffee machine on the market. Providing fresh ground coffee, espresso, cappuccino, lattes and hot chocolate. Your customers and employees will absolutely know you appreciate them with Father Coffee.

Father Coffee's Exclusive Blend is roasted locally in Las Vegas, so it's always fresh. They also have a wide variety of delicious coffees and an assortment of wonderful flavors.

If you work in an office environment OR if you have a customer/client waiting room, employee break room or lounge then our Coffee Vending System is ideal for you! Father Coffee can customize a program for our machines to work for any situation.

For more information about getting fresh ground and brewed coffee at your place of employment or waiting room please call Andrew Bade at 702-321-6831 or email at:

They will set up an appointment to bring out a machine to your office for a test run. See what your employees and clients think. Father Coffee is positive that you will agree... they have the best coffee in town!
Father Knows What's Best!!!
Father Coffee
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Father Coffee isn't just a Las Vegas based coffee company...

Who is a Good Candidate for a Father Coffee Barista Supremo Machine?

Father Coffee offers a flexible pricing packages for your coffee needs.