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We are a Legitimate and Professionally Licensed Psychic in Lake Las Vegas!

We employ many types, methods and systems of psychic or extra-sensory readings.  Our specialized areas of expertise include Palm readings, Tarot reading, astrology or horoscope readings, chakra, past-life readings, distant readings, aura readings or many other methods.

Licensed Psychic - Palms - Tarot - Life Coach - Chakra - Gifts
15 Via Brianza Suite #100
The Village in Lake Las Vegas
Henderson, NV 89011
Through our Life coaching service we aim to assist clients in the determination and achievement of personal goals. Our 25 years of experience uses multiple methods that will help you with the process of setting and reaching goals.  Allow us the opportunity to bring power and effectiveness back into your life and personal purpose.
We are a new age and metaphysical learning center where you will find an amazing resource of information on topics from angels to Zen. You will find an interesting array of eclectic information, readings and gifts.

Browse our unique gift shop where you will be amazed at all the wonderful treasures you will find. These include many thought-provoking, body/mind/spirit-enhancing gifts such as:

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Over 25 years of professional experience!
Lake Las Vegas Psychic and Sixth Sense Bookstore
Life Coaching
15 Via Brianza Suite #100
The Village in Lake Las Vegas
Henderson, NV 89011
Psychic Pendulums        
Incense Burners        
Crafted Oil Burners        
Special Blended Incense
Natural Crystals for Healing and Energy        
Healing Jewelry                

Crystal Bracelets        
White Sage
Perfume Oils        
Relaxation Gift Sets        
Lucky Wind Chimes        
Chakra Candle Holders
New Age Books:

Here at the Sixth Sense Bookstore you will find all types of fiction and non-fiction works with which one can empower, enrich and enhance their life or just for the sheer pleasure of reading. You will find many favorites by Stephen King, or Brad Metaer as well as the popular Twilight series by Stephanie Myer.